Weyburn Jobs Near Me

Weyburn is Saskatchewan’s tenth largest city. The city is a burgeoning provincial hub for southeast Saskatchewan, offering high-quality facilities and promising potential prospects.

1910), a Municipal Heritage Property under Saskatchewan’s Heritage Property Act, is a well-known landmark in Weyburn. The Turner Curling Museum, the world’s first curling museum, is also located in the neighborhood.

Marlean’s Magazine called Weyburn the Best Place to Live on the Prairies without a doubt. Maclean’s Magazine recently rated the city as the Finest Place to Live in the Prairies and 45th overall in Canada. The correct balance of economic opportunities, as well as residential property rates, were factors that led to this ranking.

Weyburn’s economy is based on its location atop the Bakken Oil Formation. The Bakken formation is one of the world’s most productive oil-producing areas. These once unattainable oil deposits are now fueling economic development in the country, thanks to modern technologies driving the industry.

Weyburn is Canada’s main inland grain hub. Per year, the Weyburn terminals handle well over half a million tonnes of grain. The economy’s other significant portion is oil and gas production.

Distribution Worker: A distribution worker is in charge of warehouse processes such as picking, packing, and shipping. Procedures and loads orders to complete shipments. Processes demands and supply orders, pull products, packs crates, and places orders in the shipping room. Delivers goods to and from sellers using a truck or van. In Saskatchewan, the average wage for a warehouse job is $16.24 per hour.


Finance Assistant: In an accounting department, a finance assistant is in charge of the day-to-day activities. Data entry into the system, compiling a balance sheet, checking financial statements, and handling invoices are just a couple of the core responsibilities of a finance assistant. In addition, they must write cost estimation reports for other agencies. In Weyburn, SK, the average annual income for a Finance Assistant is $64649.


Crop Production Advisor: Crop advisors are experts in the field of plants and soil. They keep in close contact with their clients and scout their fields for potential issues throughout the rising season. They give advice on everything from seed to fertiliser, as well as pest control and treatment response. Crop Production Advisor salaries range from A$69360 to A$69360 on average.


Personal Care Aide (PCA): PCAs operate in a home care environment, helping people with everyday tasks including using the toilet, cooking or consuming meals, maintaining hygiene and grooming routines, taking medicine, washing, and doing housework or other chores. In Saskatchewan, the median hourly wage for a personal care assistant is $17.20.


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are responsible for observing, assessing, monitoring, and documenting the signs, responses, and development of patients. They offer prescriptions, conduct surgical services, educate and advise patients, relatives, and caregivers about diet, self-care, drug control, disease prevention, and wellness promotion. In Weyburn, SK, the average hourly wage for a Licensed Practical Nurse is $35.87.


Dog Trainer: A dog trainer’s duties include assessing dogs’ temperaments and dispositions, presenting clients with daily progress reports, and advising clients how to reinforce positive behavior. You should be able to answer questions from clients about preparation, behavioral problems, transportation, and pricing. In Southend, Saskatchewan, the average wage for a dog trainer is $36350 per year or $17 per hour.


Office Clerk: Clerical function guarantees the seamless and effective operation of an office. Answering phones, making meetings, submitting faxes, and filing papers are all part of the day-to-day routine functions of an office. Just about anyone who works in an office will benefit from clerical and administrative skills. In Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for an office clerk is $19.53.


Administrative Store Support: Behind the scenes, Administrative Store Support employees take on the challenges, overcome those issues, and accomplish invaluable feats such that our lovely consumers get the worry-free buying experience we’re renowned for every time they come. In Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for an administrative assistant is $20.88.


Communications Coordinator: A publicity coordinator is in charge of coordinating the activities of the communications department, cultivating the corporate logo, and reviewing news releases, organization posts, and other associated marketing materials for the purpose of increasing business awareness and promotion. In Weyburn, SK, a Communications Manager’s annual salary is projected to be $63373.