Yorkton Jobs Near Me

Yorkton is the sixth-largest region in Saskatchewan, Canada, and is situated in the province’s south-eastern corner. Yorkton is known for its arts scene, which is one of the reasons it made MoneySense’s list of Canada’s best places to live. It also has outstanding healthcare access and low real estate taxes. Yorkton appeals to a wide range of personalities.

In terms of history, Yorkton has grown at a pace of 4.3 percent per year since 2011.In 1882 Yorkton was established and became a city in 1928. The city is bounded to the north, west, and south by the localities of Orkney and Wallace, and on the east by Wallace.

Cutting-edge manufacturing

Food preservation and farming

Commercial and wholesale 

Healthcare and well-being 

Yorkton’s economy is flourishing, with more than 1,000 small enterprises. Agriculture and the food production industry, which includes food processing plants, are the city’s main economic drivers.

Jobs to pick in Yorkton:

Retail Merchandiser: You are the connection between the shop floor and the consumers as a retail merchandiser. To get the most out of the inventory, make sure it’s in the right spot at the right time. The best picture is created by a supermarket merchandiser to entice shoppers to purchase goods. It is your responsibility to boost revenue and earnings. In Yorkton, SK, the average hourly wage for a Merchandiser is $13.74.


Mortgage Specialist Assistant: The main duties as a mortgage associate are to approve loan applications and arrange letters of credit for customers. As an assistant loan officer, you’ll help the supervising loan officer with administrative tasks. In Saskatchewan, the annual salary for a mortgage expert assistant is $69,662.


Health Clerk: Health clerks are responsible for clerical duties such as record keeping, appointment scheduling, and inventory management. Although they are permitted to perform health duties that do not require licensure, such as administering first aid where necessary, they are usually not allowed to diagnose the patient or prescribe a treatment plan. In Yorkton, SK, the average hourly wage for a Health Clerk is $27.84.


Mental Health & Wellness Instructor: A Health and Wellness Coordinator works with a business, neighborhood, or town, empowering staff or people to take care of their health. You inform and empower people about a variety of subjects, from social and physical, as a Health and Wellness Coordinator. In Yorkton, SK, the annual income for a Mental Health & Wellness Instructor is about $82,000.


Personal Shopper: Consumers get tips, feedback, and purchasing services from personal shoppers. This work entails interacting with customers to assess their needs, providing guidance and information on the right items to buy, handling orders, and helping with exchanges or returns. In Yorkton, Saskatchewan, the average personal shopper wage is $46280 a year, or $22 per hour.


Commercial Account Manager: Commercial account managers are responsible for the performance of a business. Client relationships are managed, new growth potential is identified, and fruitful collaborations are facilitated. These experts also do a thorough review of their companies to assess their prospects for growth and development. An account manager’s gross annual salary is $55,720.


Deli Manager: Deli Managers are responsible for overseeing workers, managing stocks and equipment, evaluating business efficiency, interviewing and recruiting new hires, designing and executing promotion strategies, and ensuring the facility is clean and healthy in retail outlets selling food products. In Saskatchewan, Canada, the average deli manager wage is $58641 a year, or $28 per hour.


Material Handling Operator: Material Handling Operator: The Material Handling Operator’s role entails maintaining inventory by identifying, tracking, and storing goods and supplies in storage, as well as monitoring inventory position. Pulls and verifies materials and supplies specified on production orders to locate materials and supplies. In Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a material processing operator is $18.39.