What is Popeyes Chicken Upto: Jobs Near Me

Located at Unit 600 3025 Lougheed Highway, this is the brand’s 20th location in BC. Starting 25th August, 2022, this new eatery’s hours are going to be 10:30 am to 11 pm daily. It also contains a drive-thru option for folk on the go.

To celebrate this milestone, Popeyes are offering free giveaways to the primary 100 customers a day from Thursday to Sunday.

Throughout the opening weekend, expect DJ sets, face painting, balloons, and more!

Who knows, perhaps they start hiring soon ! Keep looking at food and hospitality jobs at

Do You Know About Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen?

In 1972, a small fried chicken restaurant opened up in Arabi, Louisiana. The Chicken on the Run restaurant failed almost immediately, but its story of redemption is an epic one at Popeyes. Al Copeland knew Louisiana had better fried chicken than Kentucky, but KFC and their Colonel Sanders dominated the quick fried chicken market. He soon re-opened it as “Popeyes Mighty Good Chicken”, aggressively announcing that they had spicy chicken, not just “baby stuff.”

Miraculously, the rebranding was successful, and by 1976 Copeland was franchising his “Popeyes FAMOUS Fried Chicken”. He sold as much NOLA as he sold chickens, using images of the French Quarter in advertisements and getting Dr.John to sing “I love that chicken from Popeyes.”

In 1982, Copeland funded giant Mardi Gras balls in the Superdome and boat races on Lake Ponchartrain. Popeyes even printed 100,000 special doubloons.

Order Popeyes Food Through Twitch Channel Now!

Days after a viral TikTok showed someone accidentally buying a digital Popeyes menu rather than a television, the famed fast-food joint is now allowing people to shop for food from the restaurant during a similar fashion. Shortly after the video went viral on social media, Popeyes launched its own Twitch channel that streams most of the day where you’ll be able to place an actual Popeyes order.

Using specific chat commands, you will be able to type what you would like into the stream’s chat. The bots involved within the stream will then use that to redirect your browser to the Popeyes website and a pre-filled cart supported what you wish. Judging by old videos on the company’s Twitch page, the stream is live between five and eight hours every day.

Exciting Popeyes Hiring

Popeyes® is very different from most of the fast-food chains. With freshly prepared food and a recipe that has remained unchanged for nearly 50 years, Popeyes® restaurants are deeply happy with their food and their heritage – and that they want to share that pride with you!

Find out how you can continue the Louisiana tradition of cooking for guests and serving one another amorously, by joining a Popeyes® restaurant team near you. Hiring decisions are made solely by the franchisee who independently owns and operates each Popeyes® restaurant.

Popeyes has employed around 2500 plus employees worldwide to serve a lot of customers throughout its 3,451 locations. With such an enormous number of staff, it’s rough to stay them happy and constant to the corporate.

So, the corporate is offering Popeyes Employee Benefits Program for its staff. Popeyes Employee Benefits helps the staff to confirm a gradual source of income with various sorts of savings plans.

Here could be a brief account of the Popeyes Employees Benefits Program.

  • 401(k) – tax-deferred savings plus an organization match after eligibility
  • Discount programs – discounts on a spread of products and services
  • Performance-based pay – eligibility for merit increases based upon performance achievements
  • Paid break day – vacation and sick days
  • Life and wellness – be sure of yourself along with your health, dental, life and other insurance coverages
  • Discounts on food purchases
  • Vacation – Full-time, exempt employees are eligible for vacation time
  • Employee Meals & Breaks – All Popeyes Team Members receive ONE meal freed from charge during their shift (the minimum time required for a paid meal is 5 hours)
  • Birthday celebration – recognition on your birthday

If you have got any questions on Popeyes Employees Benefits or Popeyes perks and benefits for workers, feel free to contact Popeyes Benefits Helpdesk at following contact points:

Toll-Free Number: (877) 767-3937

Call customer service Customer Service: (844) 576-0546

Canada (866) 394-2493

US, Arizona: (480) 813-4346 1299

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