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Yukon is Canada’s westernmost territory and is shaped like a right triangle. It shares a long straight border with Alaska on the west, the territory is named after the Yukon River. Renowned in Canada’s history for the Klondike gold rush, Yukon today is a big place with a crowded mix of industries and sectors. Yukon is considered the smallest territory among the three territories in Canada. Whitehorse is the territorial capital and Yukon’s only city with the largest communities in any of the three territories where approximately 74-75% of its residents live.

Yukon is a wonderful place to live with a population of roughly 36,000 people. The beautiful wilderness, a plethora of possibilities, rich natural resources, and warm embracing people make this place worthwhile.

Flooded with a bundle of facilities, the cost of living in Whitehorse is normally higher than in southern Canadian communities. It is lower on average, however than the cost of living elsewhere in the Yukon or in areas in many parts of northern Canada. The average yearly income of a family in the Yukon exceeds $94,000, making it possible for the residents to maintain a high standard of living that matches other areas of Canada.


As not a high number of immigrants come to the territory, it provides its immigrants with lots of job opportunities that usually leave them with a good amount of salaries. Are you a part-time foreign student looking for work? Do you want to take up your own expenditure alongside studies? These are some of the jobs that you can apply for on a part-time basis-

1. Hotel Clerk Supervisor

A hotel clerk supervisor is someone whose duties include coordinating, assigning, and reviewing work in the hotel. The work also includes assisting clients/guests with special needs and preparing work schedules and procedures and coordinating activities with other departments. Resolve work-related queries and prepare and submit progress and other reports. Hire and train staff in job duties, safety procedures, and company policies need to be taken care of.

2. Administrative Store Support

The work of an Administrative Store worker takes challenges, solves problems, and pulls off invaluable feats behind in the store so that the customers get a care-free shopping experience. It also includes launching new programs, running charitable initiatives, maintaining health and safety. You can go for this job on a part-time basis.

3. Customer Experience Associate

The responsibilities of a customer experience associate include interaction with the customers with a warm smile and a helping hand. The work opportunities in the customer experience team include the job of a cashier,self-checkout attendants, stock person, customer service manager. What you need to get this job is a great attitude and willingness to learn. Knowledge of some basic math skills and willingness to help solve problems would do the best.

4. Cashier Student

As a colleague in the stores, you will have a sudden impact on sales and customer satisfaction as your work will be to provide brilliant customer service and ensure accurate scanning of all the products. The work also includes promotions, programs and maintaining product displays. This could be one of the good jobs that a student can apply for.

5. Dog Handler Internship

Are you a dog lover? Are you passionate about spending time with dogs and feel like you need to unplug and reconnect to nature and the ability to enjoy the simple life? If that’s the case, this might be the ideal chance for you. The internship will cover all facets of everyday animal care, including food, washing, watering, enclosure upkeep, shaving, wellbeing screening, dog exercise, and record-keeping. You will also have to help in assisting with getting dogs ready for outings.


As the territory has a small population, Yukon is not a major territory of new immigrants. Several outsiders arrived in the province during the Klondike gold rush, and immigrants continue to arrive to take advantage of market opportunities, especially in mining. Yukon, just like the rest of Canada, has been shaped by the contributions of immigrants to the territory. Yukon’s total population stands near 38,293, of which about 11 percent are immigrants. Some of the most common countries of origin among the newcomers were the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and the United States.

Immigration to Yukon these days is mainly to the capital city of Whitehorse. Yukon proposes a Provincial Nomination Program to recruit immigrants who can contribute to the territory's economic growth. This programme will assist immigrants who wish to come to Canada as quickly as possible. As per the Yukon Bureau of Statistics, public administration, retail, trade, and construction are the top three industries in the Yukon.


The economy of the Yukon is based primarily on its rich natural resources. Mining is considered the Yukon’s largest industry with zinc, lead, silver, gold, and copper being the major minerals. Whereas the administrative and business-related occupations make up the community’s second-largest employment field after natural resources. In addition to this, the government of Whitehorse is a major source of economic activity, counting for a vital portion of total employment in the province. The economy of the Yukon has been gradually diversifying, and tourism now provides an important portion of Yukon jobs and services. Unemployment in Whitehorse currently counts at roughly 7% but differs as per seasons.