Whitehorse Jobs Near Me

The Yukon Territory’s capital, Whitehorse, is located in northwest Canada. Miles Canyon, home to a former gold rush town, is located to the south.

Whitehorse has a lot to do, with its access to national parks, welcoming residents, and the distinction of providing the cleanest air in a region in the world. Though Whitehorse has excellent air, landscape, and history, not everything about living there is easy.

Tourism, mining, administration, hospitality, forestry, fishing and harvesting, farming, and numerous business-oriented services are among the city’s main industries. Whitehorse Transit is the main mode of public transportation in the area. The climate in Whitehorse is dry and subarctic.

Economic Progress and Operation

In Whitehorse, the government is the most important single source of economic growth, with the public administration sector accounting for 31% of total jobs. With 13.8 percent and 10.4 percent, respectively, trade and goods-producing sectors come in second and third.

More than half of the region’s own-source receipts come from taxation, the most significant of which are income taxes. Tourism is a rapidly growing industry and a major contributor to the local economy.

What are the steps to getting a career offer in the Yukon?

Yukon Skilled Worker Program (YSKWP) is a program that provides skilled workers with

The individual must have the qualifications, credentials, and work experience required to fulfill the job they have been given in Canada

the applicant has to be able to communicate in either English or French.

If submitting an application from within Canada, the applicant must be legally able to work in Canada at the time of submission.

Few Job Options for you in Whitehorse, Yukon:

Records and Information Management Technician: As a records and knowledge processing technician, you create and maintain information systems that help the organization collect data and deliver reports and metrics. In Whitehorse, Yukon, Records, and Information Management Technicians receive an average of $57,466 to $66,426.



Passenger Services Agent: Passenger service agents provide travelers with logistical tasks such as reserving tickets, issuing boarding passes, and receiving baggage prior to and during flights. In Whitehorse, YT, the average hourly wage for a Passenger Service Agent is $17.00.


Digital Marketing Sales: A digital marketer is in charge of creating, maintaining, and designing a social media presence. Measures and updates on the performance of all digital media campaigns and compare them to their objectives. Identifies and optimizes spend and efficiency based on patterns and observations. In Whitehorse, YT, the median earnings for a digital marketer is $66841 per year.


Administrative Assistant: Administrative roles are those that have to do with keeping an office running smoothly. These responsibilities vary somewhat from one job to the next, but they often include activities such as arranging appointments, answering calls, meeting guests, and keeping the organization’s file systems coordinated. In Whitehorse, YT, the average hourly wage for an Assistant Position is $27.48.


Insurance Broker: An Insurance Broker’s role is to market their clients life, fitness, home, auto, and other forms of insurance coverage. Individual customers and businesses with assets to protect can work with insurance brokers. To offer the best value to their clients, they build diverse coverage schedules. In Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, the average insurance sales agent wage is $78401 a year, or $38 per hour.


Warehouse/Counter Sales: Assisting consumers with questions and delivering fast solutions. To advise and improve sales, having excellent product awareness is essential. To avoid delays and annoyance, follow up on orders. Material inventory is being updated. Assuring that any customer is happy as they visit the shop. In the area, the median salary for a Warehouse/Counter Sales job is about $15.77 per hour.


Data Entry Clerk: A Data Entry Operator’s job entails entering client and account data from source records under set deadlines. To prepare source data for computer transmission compile, check the accuracy, and sort content. Examining data for flaws or inconsistencies, resolving any incompatibilities, and double-checking performance. In Whitehorse, Yukon, the annual wage for a Data Entry Clerk is $38,480.


Stock Clerk: Stock clerks are in charge of maintaining track of inventory levels and double-checking product details. They can sort and move goods manually, and they are in charge of ensuring track of all shipping, receiving, and inventory information. In Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, the average inventory clerk income is $47521 yearly or $23 per hour.


Marketing Assistant: A Marketing Assistant’s work is an entry-level stance. This position allows applicants to learn and develop in the marketing industry. They collaborate with Brand Managers and Executives to put different marketing campaigns into action. They also undertake a variety of logistical tasks. In Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, the median hourly wage for a Market Assistant is $15.20 to $20.50.